Sustainable Behavioral Change to Reverse Chronic Disease

Sustainable Behavioral Change to Reverse Chronic Disease

With lifestyle changes, reversal of many chronic diseases is possible. This 1-page poster was accepted at IHI Forum 2021. It shows three case studies where hypertension, early stages of gout, and severe peripheral edema were dramatically improved or eliminated. Furthermore, hypertension medication was reduced from 11 to 1 pill / day in one case.

The process includes:

  • Created awareness through self-discovery and education
  • Increased motivation and self-efficacy with coaching focusing on possibilities rather than problems without telling people what to do
  • Generated periodic feedback through remote monitoring and reflection for a complete picture of overall health
  • Fed information back to physician team for adjustment in treatment

If you have a friend or loved one who may benefit from knowing change is possible, please forward this to them. You can also contact us at Sensibly to learn more about our programs.

Head Image Credit: Bermix Studio (Unsplash)

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