Thrive in Health, Performance, & Leadeship

Achieve your best self free from previous limitations by mastering desired behavior without being told you what to do.


Health & Life Insurance

Sensibly is a broker for health, dental, accident, and life insurance for individuals and small businesses. Simplify the complexity of your options and obtain the best plan for your specific situation. It’s free to the consumer.


Build & Retain Muscle

Expert guidance in strength and conditioning to optimize performance and maintain a healthy weight. The research is undisputable that retaining muscle as we age dramatically improves wellbeing and quality of life.   


Health Coaching

Starting with you at the center, we collaborate as a guide to cultivate internal motivation and develop your confidence for positive change. Mindset, habits, and decisions are equally important as sleep, stress, and exercise.

Personal Transformations

Our Rockstar Italian Greyhound Rescue, lost 25% of his body weight incorporating green beans and regular exercise into his diet. He now loves to race and is the inspiration behind Sensibly.

I simply cannot believe the results!

“I lost 40 lbs., eliminated 90% of my medications, reversed my hypertension, and eliminated severe fluid retention in my legs. I wouldn’t believe it unless I witnessed the results myself. Without Sensibly, I wouldn’t be alive today.”

I am now running half marathons!

“Having just helped my Italian Greyhound shed 7 lbs., I was struggling with the fact I was obese, had hypertension, and was on a path to a future health crisis. To ensure I am here long-term for my family,  I completely changed by lifestyle and got healthy.”

personalized coaching

Remote monitoring provides a clear continuous picture of overall health with real time data and analytics specific to your needs. It is easy to understand, actionable, HIPAA compliant, and works on any platform (mobile, Mac, PC). We have seen reversal of hypertension and Type 2 diabetes.

Data generated by our process is trusted to the point that doctors will make decisions over the phone on treatment plans.



level up

What differentiates Sensibly from all of the other health programs on the market?

We do not foster dependence on our products but rather cultivate independence so that you are free to live on your terms as the head coach of your wellness team.

You can maintain the diet, exercise, habits, and lifestyle that works best for you. We provide a set of tools, like remote monitoring and intuitive software, and guidance to facilitate the process.

Customers stay on our program an average of 6 – 9 months then only check-in periodically to hold gains.

We have a unique take on nutrition. We highly recommend a lifestyle change to whole foods including whole grains instead of dieting. It usually takes about 6 months to overcome the urge for highly processed foods and crave healthy choices.

Vegans, vegetarians, and animal protein lovers all thrive on Sensibly. Our only request is to minimize processed foods and refined sugars. Dessert in moderation is fine.

holistic approach:

Integration of various mental and physical aspects of health, performance, and leadership

software & sensibly academy

Quit Smoking and Increase Abstinence Rate 4X

Curated information that’s validated by science and proven to work for other clients saving time

Why Sleep is So Important

Programs on various topics are concisely organized and on-demand in 15 – 30 minute sessions

Why Sleep is So Important

Tracking biometrics is a snap only taking 2 – 10 minutes a day and 24/7 monitoring is not required

Why Sleep is So Important

Trends are easy to understand and readily available to share with your medical professional

Health, Dental, Accident, & Life Insurance:

Sensibly is a licensed brokerage firm for individuals and businesses in Maryland. David can help you obtain insurance on or off the Maryland Health Connection. The advantage of using the exchange is the availability of Tax Credits for businesses  and individuals. Individuals get credits monthly.

Sensibly has helped customers save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars and obtain better coverage over a plan they would have selected on their own. He also helps bypass long waiting periods of working directly with the exchange.

David puts priority on calling people back and ensuring their needs are addressed.

strength & conditioning

Consistent physical activity is crucial for good health and hence Sensibly provides expert guidance in strength and conditioning. This includes resistance, aerobic endurance (5k – marathon), speed, skiing, and plyometric training, program design, and nutritional strategies to maximize performance.

Not everyone desires to compete at the masters or collegiate level. However, many have interest in completing their first 5K, traveling more, or simply having more energy for the grand kids.

Despite the constant media attention on HIIT, the good news is people reap huge benefits from simply brisk walking, stretching, balance work, and light resistance training. To ensure no injuries occur, proper instruction is critical.

Sensibly provides both in person (Redzone private gym) and virtual personal training.  You will be trained in proper technique and nutrition to continue and maintain muscle mass for years to come. 


Julie reversed hypertension to normal with reduced stress, brisk walking, weight loss, and improved sleep without medication

Pastor Sean learned new methodologies to help the members of his church achieve personal transformation

David eliminated early signs of gout and reduced his hypertension and medication through sustained weight loss and exercise


“I enjoy speaking with David.  He works hard to understand obstacles I am encountering, even when I can’t describe them well myself.  And his feedback is great.  He helps identify useful activities that I can start immediately, and ways to turn those into good habits.”

High Street

Worship Center

“Sensibly’s column in our weekly newsletter offers a wholistic view of health and provides our readership with the inspiration and the tools to make necessary changes to improve physical, mental, and emotional well being. When these are in order, it lays a strong foundation for spiritual growth.

We appreciate David’s passion to help people achieve maximum pleasure out of life by living healthier. His material is not only informative, but he always includes practical tips in how “to do” the things that will result in positive change. This column has become very popular with our constituents.” – Pastor Paul Spuler

Image Credits: Kinga Cichewicz (sleep) and Michelle Ding (smoking) from Unsplash. Please share some love.

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