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Sensibly helps you master desired behavior to reach your goals without telling you what to do. The result is your best self free from previous limitations.

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Health & Wellness – Health Management Companion


Holistic Approach

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Encompassing the various mental and physical aspects of self-care to drive sustainable behavior change and growth. Mindset, habits and decisions are equally important to sleep, stress management, exercise and nutrition.


Remote Monitoring

Welch Allyn 1700 Blood Pressure Monitor

Clear continuous picture of overall health with real time data specific to your needs that is easy to understand, actionable, HIPAA compliant and works on any platform (mobile, Mac, PC).


Personalized Coaching

Each person faces unique challenges. Starting with you at the center, we collaborate as a guide to cultivate internal motivation and develop your confidence for positive change.

Software & Sensibly Academy

Sensibly software curates all of the information collected from remote monitors. Data entry is a snap without the need to wear continuous trackers. The app also provides a HIPAA compliant method for communication with your coach and sharing data with your physician is simple.

Sensibly Software

In addition, you will have access to Sensibly Academy. Curated information will help you navigate the confusion of conflicting medical advice so you can make better decisions based on science. Put thousands of hours of research and development at your fingertips so you can save your highly valuable time.


Personal Training

With physical activity such an important aspect of health, Sensibly provides expert guidance in strength and conditioning. This includes resistance, aerobic endurance, speed and plyometric training, program design, and nutritional strategies to maximize performance.

Most people will benefit from simply brisk walking, stretching, balance work and light resistance training. One the other hand, athletes (masters, collegiate and professional), need customized programs to achieve their personal best.

Person training includes an individualized program designed around your needs and goals, instruction and monitoring of exercise form, nutrition coaching for enchanced performance, monitoring and tracking of progress, creatine and protein supplementation guidance (if desired), hydration and electrolyte guidance, tools for desired habits and coaching to maximize internal motivation and self confidence.


Performance & Career

Performance in our life’s pursuits is a close second to our overall health. This includes productivity, influence, communication, decisions, impact, time management, mindset, goals, habits, and passion. Sometimes it can be helpful to start here rather than wellness to build confidence and prove out the process in a less private area.

Coaching sessions can be virtual (nationally) or in-person in Montgomery County, Md. David is a former vice president of global R&D for a near $1-billon technology company and has spent over 20 years coaching staff to advance in their careers. David is expert in engineering science.

Personal Transformations

Julie reduced stress and weight loss reversed moderate hypertension to normal without medication and she dramatically improved her sleep

Pastor Sean learned new methodologies to help the members of his church achieve personal transformation through motivation and better communication

David eliminated early signs of gout and reduced his hypertension and level of medication through sustained weight loss and exercise 

“I enjoy speaking with David.  He works hard to understand obstacles I am encountering, even when I can’t describe them well myself.  And his feedback is great.  He helps identify useful activities that I can start immediately, and ways to turn those into good habits.”  – Daniel

Sensibly’s column in our weekly newsletter offers a wholistic view of health and provides our readership with the inspiration and the tools to make necessary changes to improve physical, mental and emotional well being. When these are in order, it lays a strong foundation for spiritual growth. We appreciate David’s passion to help people achieve maximum pleasure out of life by living healthier. His material is not only informative, but he always includes practical tips in how “to do” the things that will result in positive change. This column has become very popular with our constituents. – Paul Spuler, Pastor, HighStreet Worship Center

Zeppelin (Italian Greyhound) Mid Stride Sprinting

Our Rockstar Italian Greyhound, Zeppelin, was obese when we adopted him. Our veterinarian confirmed our suspicion that he would suffer from chronic disease, joint pain and fatigue unless addressed.

We created a calorie deficit by supplementing a portion of his normal diet with green beans and with increased exercise, Zeppelin lost 7 lbs. Green beans are a staple in his diet now and he thinks they are ice cream jumping at the sound. He loves sprinting and has become the inspiration for Sensibly.

I was struggling with the fact I put my dog’s health before my own. I was obese, had hypertension and was on a path to a future health crisis. I decided to follow Zeppelin’s lead and get healthy.

Through improved nutrition, sleep, exercise and lower stress, I lost 38 lbs. over 9 months. Once 188 lbs., I am now 150 lbs. with normal blood pressure and have maintained this weight since. To my surprise, I am now running half marathons. To learn more, you can read about my story published in Better Humans.

My dad spent 10 days in the hospital ICU and was given less than four years to live with severe hypertension and kidney failure. He was initially resistant, but decided to give Sensibly a try.

First, he stabilized his health by mastering his treatment plan. Then he lost 36 lbs. through exercise and improved nutrition. This reversed his hypertension and fluid retention, and he eliminated over 90% of his medications (10 pills). To learn more see this article or his video testimonial.

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