Achieving great health by mastering self-care with a health management companion (HMC)

Poor Health Causes Limitations

Poor health is like scaling the side of a high mountain. Daily struggles include fatigue, pain, poor mobility, shortness of breath and depression. With $1.1 trillion in annual chronic disease spending (Milken Institute), 6/10 adults having chronic disease (CDC), 108 million Americans having hypertension (CDC), most medication treatment plan information forgotten immediately and the prevalence of obesity (139 million people), our approach to healthcare in the U.S. needs to change.

Poor Health Causes Limitations

Sensibly’s Focus
Chronic Disease Prevention and Reversal

Patient behavior can prevent, delay or alleviate chronic disease (CDC). Poor weight control and chronic disease are associated.  As stated by the CDC, “Obesity is serious because it is associated with poorer mental health outcomes and reduced quality of life. Obesity is also associated with the leading causes of death in the United States and worldwide, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer.” Poor health is a major reason people cite for not pursuing their passions and dreams.  At Sensibly, we want to change that and see people free from the burdens of poor health using a personalized approach. 

“It is more noble to give yourself completely to one individual than to labor diligently for the salvation of the masses.”

~ Dag Hammarskjold ~

Health Management Companion – HMC & Software

H – Healthy Body and Image of Self

Health Body Image

Embracing Body Type and Choosing Confidence Over Vanity

M – Remote Monitoring – Clear continuous Picture of Overall Health

Welch Allyn 1700 Blood Pressure Monitor
Welch Allyn Scale
Digital Infared Temperature

C – Personalized Coaching to Improve Health

With personalized coaching, you can improve sleep, stress management, energy levels, nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation and chronic disease management and reversal. Your coach will provide an empathetic ear to listen, provide guidance developing your own personal vision, goals and systems for positive habits and be a mentor to bounce around ideas. Furthermore, a coach will help keep you accountable, be a resource for new approaches when you are stuck and bring out your best in manageable steps! In addition, you will have access to Sensibly Academy. This resource is a place for self-paced learning on various health and personal growth topics to supplement your coaching. Put thousands of hours of research and development at your fingertips so you can save your highly valuable time.


Overcoming barriers such as time, goals, identity and purpose


Wide variety of healthy, whole foods


Movement that you love like skiing, biking, dance, hiking and tennis


Family, friends, giving yourself permission and gratitude / generosity when times get tough


Meaningful and actionable information in manageable steps

Software – Curating Information and Coach Interactions

Blood pressure improvement with weight loss

Alpha Product – Google Sheets

Intuitively Simple to Use

HIPAA Compliant

Your data is protected to the highest standards

Share w/ Ease

Extremely easy to share with family and health care provides for telehealth visits

Simple Data Entry 

Taking less than 10 minutes a day without the need to wear continuous trackers

Mobile, PC, Mac

Works on any platform

This data is from a Sensibly user. It is used with permission and individual results vary.

The Sensibly Difference

With many coaching, fitness trackers and remote monitoring solutions on the market, why choose Sensibly? Sensibly is personalized to your specific needs and provides a continuous approach (digital and human coaching) in manageable steps until you reach your goals. This is not a quick fix. Instead, through a fundamental change in mindset, education, new habits and accountability, you will undergo a personal transformation where you have full confidence in managing and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. In addition, you will see performance improvements in your career, a greater sense of purpose, increased enjoyment at play, mental growth and enhanced relationships.

Depending on your current situation, most customers graduate from Sensibly’s program in 6 – 12 months. For example, my personal journey of losing 38 lbs and moving from prehypertension to normal took 6 months (1.5 lbs / week). Some feel more comfortable with 0.5 lbs / week. My dad’s journey from severe hypertension, kidney failure and obesity took a little over a year and he continues to engage in health coaching despite significantly reducing his medications and seeing reversal of all his chronic diseases. Once you graduate, you can transition to maintenance mode with a low cost, yearly subscription or full management on your own. As always, we are here if you need us but our goal is for you to be masters at self-care.

Personal Transformations

Zeppelin’s Story: In 2018, we adopted our Italian Greyhound, Zeppelin. He is a rockstar. He prances with confidence, gives affection freely and everyone loves him. However, when we adopted Zeppelin he was obese. During his first trip to the veterinarian, she stated we needed to address his weight or he would suffer from chronic disease, joint pain and fatigue.

Using the principles of Sensibly, we improved his nutrition, increased exercise, monitored progress and implemented a daily calorie deficit. Asking Zeppelin to starve is cruel so instead, we gave him all the green beans he wanted. He didn’t mind a bit because he thinks green beans are ice cream. At the sound of the word, he jumps, dances and does circles like kids do for the ice cream truck. Over three months, Zeppelin lost 7 lbs and the veterinarian was astonished at his transformation. She said no one listens to their advice and I should start giving presentations.

Zeppelin has since become the inspiration for Sensibly.

Zeppelin (Italian Greyhound) Mid Stride Sprinting

Zeppelin Sprinting After Physical Transformation

My Story: In 2019, I was struggling with the fact I put my dog’s health before my own. Like Zeppelin before his transformation, I was obese, had prehypertension and on a path to a future health crisis. My wife and daughters needed me around for a long time. I knew I needed to change so I set some health improvement goals.

Like Zeppelin, I increased my exercise, dramatically improved my nutrition and created a daily calorie deficit to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables became a staple in my diet and helped satisfy hunger. I began monitoring blood pressure and weight regularly. For a while I lost weight, but then I hit a plateau. To break it, I increased my workout intensity and my weight loss was reinvigorated. After three months, I reached my target weight of 170 lbs. (weight loss of 18 lbs) so I thought. My prehypertension was now normal.

I reached my initial target at the beginning of ski season. As I trained for and enjoyed skiing during the season, I lost another 15 lbs. In total, I lost 33 lbs. and I feel great. I have maintained the gains ever since. Read more about my journey to better health in the story published in Better Humans on Medium.

Me Before Weight Less


Me After Weight Loss


My Dad’s Story: In 2019, my dad spent 10 days in the hospital ICU and was given less than four years to live with severe hypertension and stage four kidney failure. Years of putting his family and work ahead of his health had got the best of him. However after initial resistance, he decided to use Sensibly’s health management companion.

First, he stabilized his physiological parameters and kidney function. This was accomplished by mastering his treatment plan and his doctor optimizing medications using data from remote monitoring (all done remotely in the comfort of his home). Inspired by the progress, he decided to lose weight. With lost weight came further improvement in hypertension. He reduced his risk of stroke 66% per Harvard Health estimates. Then after losing 26 lbs., the severe fluid retention in his legs was reduced over 90%. The swelling and fluid retention was so bad prior to weight loss that bags of skin and fluid formed over his ankles.

Now he states he feels great and wouldn’t believe the results unless he witnessed it himself first hand. He has a new lease on life. To learn more about my Dad’s journey, you can read the following article on Medium: How An Immigrant with a 5th Grade Diploma Beat the Odds in Education, Business, and Health.

Amazing health transformation - case study 2



The testimonials continue with everyone who uses Sensibly and we are constantly increasing the number of chronic diseases we help you manage.

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