Thrive in Health, Performance and Life

Poor Health Causes Limitations

“Using Sensibly, I was able to reduce my weight and stress, get quality sleep and improve my blood pressure to normal to avoid medication.” – Julie

We help people take control of their health and performance to change the trajectory of their life to thrive in their pursuits. Often the first step is stabilization of life’s chaos or the downward spiral from poor health.

We crave a high quality life, pursuing the passions we love, meaningful accomplishments and having an impact. Thriving is hitting our stride in continual growth as we flourish in our health, relationships, emotional well being and purpose.

For those interested in higher performance, Sensibly goes beyond optimal health to help people stand out from the crowd. With a subtle shift in thought and behavior, a powerful competitive edge is released. This often makes the difference in career promotion, pursuing a dream job or reaching stretch goals in your passion of choice.

Link Between Health and Performance

Performance Coaching and Strategy

The right coach can inspire and bring out your best. Sensibly taps your internal motivation and is personalized to your specific needs with a continuous approach in manageable steps until you reach your goals. Our strategies cultivate self-leadership and foster collaboration through harnessing the power of your mind, education, new habits, deliberate practice, and accountability. You will undergo a personal transformation where you have clarity of mission, mental resilience, enhanced creativity, and decision efficiency optimizing tradeoffs. Furthermore, your relationships and influence will grow through strong communication and peak performance.

Our health and wellness coaches are National Board Certified and former business executives with 25+ years (each) of leadership and international experience. Furthermore, they have a deep understanding of mental health, marriage, parenting, loss, and life.

My Dad’s Journey to Thrive in Health

Reduced Medications from 11 to 1.5 (Continued Improvement)

Heart and Kidney Failure to Improved Function

No Taste to Loves Food Again

Severe Fluid Retention to Normal

Felt Miserable to Feeling Great

Sensibly’s Health Management Companion


Healthy Mind & Body

Health Body Image

Healthy self image, mindset and postive, constructive thought process while helping you master the physical and mental aspects of self-care


Remote Monitoring

Welch Allyn 1700 Blood Pressure Monitor

Clear continuous picture of overall health that is easy to understand, actionable, HIPAA compliant and works on any platform (mobile, Mac, PC)


Personalized Coaching

As a guide, we draw out internal motivation, provide accountability and new ideas and bring out your best in manageable steps

Software & Sensibly Academy

Sensibly software curates all of the information collected from remote monitors. Data entry is a snap without the need to wear continuous trackers. The app also provides a HIPAA compliant method for communication with your coach and sharing data with your physician is simple.

Sensibly Software

In addition, you will have access to Sensibly Academy. This resource is a place for self-paced learning on various health, personal and career growth topics to supplement your coaching. Put thousands of hours of research and development at your fingertips so you can save your highly valuable time.

Personal Transformations

Julie reduced stress and weight loss reversed moderate hypertension to normal without medication and she dramatically improved her sleep

Pastor Sean learned new methodologies to help the members of his church achieve personal transformation through motivation and better communication

David eliminated early signs of gout and reduced his hypertension and level of medication through sustained weight loss and exercise 

“I enjoy speaking with David.  He works hard to understand obstacles I am encountering, even when I can’t describe them well myself.  And his feedback is great.  He helps identify useful activities that I can start immediately, and ways to turn those into good habits.”  – Daniel

Our church’s weekly newsletter features a column that Sensibly provides. It offers a wholistic view of health and provides our readership with the inspiration and the tools to make necessary changes to improve physical, mental and emotional well being. When these are in order, it lays a strong foundation for spiritual growth. We appreciate David DiPaola’s passion to help people achieve maximum pleasure out of life by living healthier lives. His material is not only informative, but he always includes practical tips in how “to do” the things that will result in positive change. This column has become very popular with our constituents, and they look forward to receiving it each week. We highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to enhance your house organ with the inclusion of these weekly health tips. – Paul Spuler, Pastor, HighStreet Worship Center, Burlington, NJ

Zeppelin (Italian Greyhound) Mid Stride Sprinting

When we adopted, Zeppelin, our rockstar Italian Greyhound, we knew we would have to address his severe obesity. Our veterinarian only confirmed our assumptions in that he would suffer from chronic disease, joint pain and fatigue. Using the principles of Sensibly, we improved his nutrition and exercise, monitored progress and implemented a daily calorie deficit.

Asking Zeppelin to starve is cruel so instead, we gave him all the green beans he wanted. He didn’t mind a bit because he thinks green beans are ice cream. At the sound of the word, he jumps, dances and does circles. Over three months, Zeppelin lost 7 lbs. and the veterinarian was astonished at his transformation. Zeppelin has since become the inspiration for Sensibly. This is him sprinting after weigh loss.

Me Before Weight Less
Me After Weight Loss

In 2019, I was struggling with the fact I put my dog’s health before my own. I was obese, had hypertension and was on a path to a future health crisis. I decided to follow Zeppelin’s lead and I increased my exercise, dramatically improved my nutrition and created a daily calorie deficit to lose weight. Fruits and vegetables became a staple in my diet and helped satisfy hunger. 

For a while I lost weight, but then I hit a plateau. To break it, I increased my workout intensity and my weight loss was reinvigorated. After three months, I reached my target weight of 170 lbs. (weight loss of 18 lbs.) so I thought. My hypertension was now normal. With the return ski season, I still felt heavy and uncomfortable. I decided my journey wasn’t done and lost another 20 lbs. At my new weight of 150 lbs., I really feel great. Read more about my story published in Better Humans.

Amazing health transformation - case study 2
My Dad's amazing health transformation after losing 36 lbs. using Sensibly

In 2019, my dad spent 10 days in the hospital ICU and was given less than four years to live with severe hypertension and kidney failure. Years of putting his family and work ahead of his health had got the best of him. After initial resistance, he decided to use Sensibly.

First, he stabilized his physiological parameters and kidney function. This was accomplished by mastering his treatment plan and his doctor optimizing medications using data from remote monitoring (all done remotely). Inspired by the progress, he decided to lose weight. After losing 36 lbs., he improved his hypertension while reducing his medications from 11 to 1.5 (updated). He also eliminated the swelling and fluid retention in his legs that was so bad, bags of skin full of fluid folded over his ankles. Now he states he feels great and wouldn’t believe the results unless he witnessed it himself first hand. Read more about my dad’s journey on Medium: How An Immigrant with a 5th Grade Diploma Beat the Odds in Education, Business, and Health.

Sensibly’s coaches are National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaches. This brings the highest level credentials and a wealth of experience to our customers.

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