Personal training is available both virtually and in-home. Monthly rates will depend on number of sessions you desire (contact us for details). Most people request 1 – 2 sessions / week for 2 – 6 weeks and then lower frequency for periodic check-ins. In-home (your house) personal training is available in Potomac, Travilah, and North Potomac, MD. All other personal training is virtual. Click here to contact us by phone (only potential customers) or e-mail to set up a virtual consultation to see if this is right for you. Business programs and insurance have customized pricing and are quoted on request.

Sensibly has teamed with Healthie to provide secure payment and a HIPAA compliant Health Management Companion through a customized app (iOS or Android) and website (your choice). To get started, you can select a 3-month subscription that works best for you from the four available options. Higher priced options have more human interation and the performance plan as additional Sensibly Academy modules. See our privacy policy here and if you have any questions before purchase, contact us here.

If you would like a single 45 minute coaching session, sign up for the Access plan and I will set it not to autorenew during our session.

Performance & Career or Health & Wellness Coaching 3-Month Subscription Options



HMC software and Sensibly Academy

2 text exchanges with coach per month

2 quarterly 20 minute video coaching sessions

Best for high achiever or those in maintenance

$65 / month



HMC software and Sensibly Academy

3 text exchanges with coach per month

4 quarterly 20 minute video coaching sessions

Individuals who need more regular coaching

$130 / month


Best Value

HMC software and Sensibly Academy

4 text exchanges with coach per month

6 quarterly 30 minute video coaching sessions

Best value for the first 3 – 9 months to hit your goals

$250 / month



HMC software and Sensibly Academy (More Modules)

8 text exchanges with coach per month

13 quarterly 30 minute video coaching sessions

Best to up your game to an elite, executive level

$795 / month

Sensibly Academy is self-paced learning on various health and personal growth topics such as nutrition, reducing stress, improving sleep, time management, forming positive, sustainable habits, emotional eating, cardio and resistance training and more. Both the access and premium plans focus on personal wellness, relationships and quality of life.

Performance coaching will take your wellness and professional career to the next level. David will use his executive experience to draw upon your strengths and talents to maximize your creativity, communication, productivity and project execution. In short, he will help you stand out from the crowd through positive impact and business growth.

Furthermore, you will get access to additional business focused, self-paced modules in Sensibly Academy not available to Access, Premium and Best Value members. David only takes a limited number of performance customers to ensure their success. What could be more valuable than access to a trusted advisor for accelerated learning, critical decisions and bringing out your full potential?

Why 3-months subscriptions? This is not a quick fix. It will take time to form new positive habits and master execution. We want you to have the tools and confidence you need to be successful long term. 

Choose Your Remote Monitors or Use Your Own

Welch Allyn 1700 Blood Pressure Monitor
(see specifications)

Optional for hypertension management, this BPM uses SureBP the same technology as physicians and has been cleared for use by the FDA. Batteries included.

Welch Allyn Scale
(see specifications)

Optional if you do not already own a scale. This Welch Allyn scale has a weight capacity of 441 lbs. and the batteries included. It measures weight to 0.2 lbs.

Get the Right Cuff Size for Accurate Blood Pressure Readings

The Welch Allyn 1700 Blood Pressure Monitor comes with a standard wide cuff for adult arm sizes measuring 8.75-16.5 in. or 22-42 cm. Sold separately, the Welch Allyn Extra Small Cuff fits adult arm sizes measuring 5.9-9.4 in. or 15-24 cm and the Welch Allyn Extra Large Cuff fits adult arm sizes measuring 15.7-21.2 in. or 40-54 cm. All three cuffs are clinically validated for use with the Welch Allyn Home Blood Pressure Monitor 1700 Series only. If you have any questions, contact us.

Helpful Additional Remote Monitors and Tools

iHealth Thermometer


Body Measuring Tape

Food Scale

Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons

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