How Sensibly Influences Behavior Change with Health Coaching

Most hype the newest gadget or process as the cure all for behavior change. Although short-term gains can be achieved, it rarely lasts as they have not considered you as the expert. Furthermore, their methods are more directive then partnering.

Sensibly takes a different approach leveraging technology, proven processes and an engaged heart with you at the center. A big piece of this is coaching and yes it is beneficial for people who are not professional musicians or athletes. A coach acts as a guide who will respect your autonomy, draw out your internal motivation, build your self-confidence, and support your planning for sustainable behavior change. When you get stuck, they can also help leverage your values, strengths and relationships and provide solicited advice without telling you what to do. This cultivates your best self, on your terms, one step at a time.

What change have you wanted to make but never found the energy or time to get started?

How the Health Management Companion Works

Understand and Stabilize Physiological Parameters

Weeks Not Months

Physician Optimizes

Master Treatment Plan

From Comfort of Home

Coaching – Health and Performance

Woman who is healthy weight

Improve Vitals
and Performance

Blood pressure improvement with weight loss

Steps may happen simultaneously.

Thriving with Increased Performance

Human performance is highly influenced by health. If a person wants to reach their full potential, they need to master their mental and physical game. Many elements play into this including sleep, mindset, nutrition, exercise, renewal, stress management, personal vision, values, communication, listening, sustainable positive habits, influence, memory … the list goes on. We believe personal discovery and explorative learning is the key to leverage your strengths and cultivate your best self.

As athletes draw upon coaches to win Super Bowls and World Cups, a companion and coach can be your guide to achieve the extraordinary. Why not leverage Sensibly’s proven systems for personal and professional growth for your own journey? We have seen customers move from stagnation and decline to unimaginable gains in a relatively short period. Even after customers achieve their desired fitness and nutrition, customers go on to advance their careers, improve relationships, master new skills, sharpen their mental game and thrive in life.

Critical Parameters Monitored

Welch Allyn 1700 Blood Pressure Monitor

BP Systolic / Diastolic and HR

Digital Infared Temperature

Temperature (Optional)

Welch Allyn Scale


Healthy whole foods and vegetables

Calories In and Burned

Body Fat Percentage

Fat %

Pulse Oximetry Sensor

Pulse Oximetry (optional)


Calculating BMI using height and weight


Hiking miles in the wilderness

Steps in Miles

Blood Sugar (optional)

Hip / Waist Ratio Measurements

Waist / Hip Ratio

Protein is great to build muscle, body repair and regulate hormones

Total Protein, Carbs & Fats


Waist Measurement

Waist Circumference

Notes using Sensibly


Activity Level

We will also add custom settings for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma and other chronic diseases you may desire to manage. Just let us know. Sensibly also integrates with popular fitness trackers like Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, Dexcom and MyFitnessPal. See integrations for more detail. 

Difference for Success

Paradigm Shift

Seeing yourself and the world in a new light so change comes naturally


Empathetically listening, building trust and personalization


Your quality of life will dramatically improve and you will feel great


We love what we do and it shows in our inclusive design and execution

Mastering the Power of Choice

Choice Equals Freedom

Ultimate Goal

You are the Head Coach
of Your Health Team & Life

Head Coach of Your Healthcare Team

Here are the Steps to Get Started

  1. Sign up for a 3-month subscription to Sensibly via Healthie.  The 3-month commitment ensures you can reach a sustainable place on your journey. If Sensibly does not work for you, we will provide a refund within 30 days. The remote monitors purchased cannot be returned unless defective due to COVID-19 (see policies of distributer).
  2. Receive access to your Health Management Companion. HMC is implemented using a customize Healthie app (or website) that is fully HIPAA compliant. Only you and your health coach have access to the data. 
  3. Sign HIPAA privacy statement and health coaching agreements. Access forms and sign digitally through the Sensibly / Healthie app and website.
  4. Click programs from the menu and follow Getting Started with Sensibly. If you have any questions, your wellness coach is here to help.
  5. Start using your HMC and remote patient monitors. The HMC does require manual data entry from remote monitors. Once proficient, this takes less than 3 minutes / day. In the next generation product, data entry will be automated.
  6. Chat with your coach if you have questions or need guidance. The chat section enables secure communication with your wellness coach to stay on track with your health improvement goals.
  7. Use the various tools in the Sensibly App. From monitoring your sleep to tracking calories to managing hypertension and diabetes, Sensibly’s tools make it simple. 
  8. View graphs by clicking the menu – metrics in the app and metrics (graphs) on website. Graphs include all metrics except BMR and BMI in the app but both are present via the website. If your chronic disease requires access to another metric, we will add it before you start.
  9. Schedule a time to meet with your human coach via the Sensibly Healthie app or website. You will be amazed at your ability lead the discovery and exploration with prompting from your coach as a guide. 
  10. Implement a lifestyle thriving in health and performance.  Thrive in your personal life and professional career.

Image Credits, Unsplash: Mykenzie Johnson – Diabetes, Jonathan Borba – Sit-up, Bill Oxford – Waist Measurement, Sébastien Goldberg – Hiking, Mark DeYoung – Protein, Carbs and Fats, Jan Kahánek – Notes, Syed Ali – Pulse Oximetry, Nathan Dumlao – Vegetables, Daiga Ellaby – Hydration, bady abbas – Activity Level.

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